Attorneys at Law
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Areas of Practice

agricultural law

We assist clients with legal issues affecting the farming and ranching industries, including commercial transactions, contracts, property transactions, leasing, water rights, land use, and other government regulations.

estate planning and probate

We assist clients with powers of attorney, advance directives, wills, trusts, tax planning, probate, trust administration and disputes, and more.

business law

We provide assistance to small and large businesses, corporations, and LLCs, from starting businesses to dealing with transactions and disputes.     

farm and ranch planning

We assist family farms, ranches, and other legacy businesses with succession and estate planning matters. We understand the legal, economic, and social issues that must be addressed for the successful transfer of these businesses to the next generation.


We advise on, draft, and assist with disputes related to contracts across a broad spectrum of subject areas, including agribusiness, business, and property.   

property transactions and leasing

We assist clients with drafting, reviewing, and negotiating property sales and acquisitions, leases, boundary and easement disputes, and more.